Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A day at the dentist..

Assalamualaikum. Bismillah. 

This is a super outdated post, close to a month late, but I just remembered it so I decided to write it here before I forget all about it, or worse, forget to share it with you. Believe me it's not your typical story.

On my birthday this year, the 2nd of October, many memorable things happened. Not balloons or cakes or party. But something I will always remember. As some of you might already knew I was admitted to Penang GH because of dengue that day.

I also said "Yes" to a very important, life-changing question, but more on those later.

2nd of October, around afternoon, at a dental clinic near Bukit Jambul.

I entered the room, ready for my scaling appointment. Who on earth get a scaling appointment on their birthday, and why? You might asked these questions. Actually, I went to the clinic some three months before that. I was given a date where I would be in Balik Pulau, doing my teaching practice. So I got it rescheduled to the second Wednesday after practicum, which was on my birthday. Well, back to the story.

The waiting room was packed. It wasn't so the last time I was there. There were all kind of people, young, old, man, woman, Malay auntie, Chinese lady, Indian girl, Punjabi guy, it was like 1 Malaysia there. Nevermind. I chose a seat next to a little girl.

2 minutes after that, the nurse called,


Wow, that was fast, I thought. I thought it was going to take an hour or so because the room was really packed. Maybe it's because I had an appointment kot. Haha, padan muka korang, sapa suruh tak buat appointment, tunggu la. I stared at the others and said in a really evil manner, but only in my mind. 

I stood up and walked to the nurse proudly. Just then she said,

"Muhammad Syuhada."

ok. very the malu. The guy named Muhammad Syuhada looked at me annoyingly. I was even more annoyed at him for doing that to me, you ain't the only one named Syuhada here, I thought. Blergh.

I went back to my seat and talked to the little girl next to me again. Moments later the little door opened and a nurse called out,


Ok, now this is confusing. Is she calling me or Muhammad Syuhada? He didn't stand. Me neither. So I stood up again and approached the nurse. 

"Err...Muhammad Syuhada."

Ok, this is super embarassing. I can almost feel the makcik and uncle and anne and ahsou and that little girl and that noisy Chinese boy covering up their laughter. Ergh. Again, the Muhammad Syuhada guy did that annoying face. Ish. I went back to my seat, this time pretending to read a book. 

And I am 99% sure the nurse is pulling a prank at me. Sengaja mengusik kot. hehehe.

Man, what a coincident. I never have met a guy named Syuhada, thou it kinda sound pretty nice too. And what sheer luck is that, two Syuhadas, one guy and another, a very cute girl (read: me) in the same room. At a clinic where your name will be read out loud. Heee. Funny day.

Moments later my turn finally came. By that time, Muhammad Syuhada already left. No more confusion.

Ok, that's all I've got to tell. I'm just really tired and bored of looking at notes on Developing and Using Resources in the Primary ESL Classroom, which is a subject I took this semester, which I would sat for the paper tomorrow. Make dua for me will k?

Signing off, Assalamualaikum. 


SIS said...

tu la hang. hahahahaha. xsabaq sangat nk suruh doktor gosok gigi.

Nurul Syuhada Attarmizi said...

ya la...dah hampa semua p cantikkan gigi..aku nak jugak maa..